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Working from home?

Working from home?

How to avoid poor video conferencing!

With the corona virus around, many of us are working from home. As we are all adapting to this new situation, we want to come across as professional as possible, with the kids running around or consuming all your bandwidth for gaming.

Simple rules to improve the experience

A few simple rules can make the conferencing experience a lot better.

  1. If possible, join the conference from a separate room, where the cat is not jumping in front of the webcam and dryer isn’t emitting the main noise.
  2. Make sure you position yourself in such way that the light is coming from the front, not from the back. Otherwise, your picture will come across as very dark.
  3. Test your connection, microphone, camera and speakers of your laptop well in advance of the call. It can be very disturbing when someone is holding up the meeting, because their microphone is not working.
  4. Position your camera, so that is at eye level. No one wants the view up your nostrils during the meeting.
  5. When you are not talking, go on mute. Most laptops have the speakers and microphones very close together, often resulting in annoying feedback. Also, the entire team does not need to hear you ordering your pizza during the call.

How to avoid choppy audio, freezing video and failures to share screens?

In most cases, this is simply the result of not enough bandwidth.  Either your current Wi-Fi system is not providing enough coverage and throughput in your home or some-one in your family is using the bandwidth you need for gaming or Netflix.

Upgrade your Wi-Fi system

Assuming that your ISP is providing enough signal, both can be resolved by upgrading your Wi-Fi system.

With modern Wi-Fi equipment you can simply allocate a maximum bandwidth to that x-box, streaming TV and prioritize the bandwidth allocation for your work or school laptops. This is called ‘Quality of Service’ and is a handy tool built in professional AP’s to avoid your video conference failing.

Most retail grade Wi-Fi-routers have very cheap antenna’s and even though the box said it offers a Gazillion Gigabit connection, it usually doesn’t. Apart from the quality of the antenna’s these devices are often placed in worst possible spots for getting a signal to, like the basement or electricity closet.

Let the router route and let the wireless be done by access points. In this way, you can place the AP’s in the best spots to cover the entire house and get a consistent signal throughout the house.

Niveo Business Systems Wireless AP and Router

The new NRS-RC1 is a router & controller & PoE switch into one. Cloud ready! All designed for dazzling easy installation and configuration. At extremely affordable prices that blow your socks of.

No need for a PoE injector or switch of or a router or controller. It is all built in this single device. Cloud manageable!

The new NRS-AP10 wireless access point, offers 802.11AC, dual band / dual radio, high power and ultra wide coverage at a very affordable price.

The extreme easy wizard interface makes 30 second configuration the new norm!

 Niveo Professional Wireless series

If you want to step up your wireless home system, you can use the Niveo Professional NWA-series wireless.

  • The NWA300 (Ceiling) and NWA220 (Outdoor) offer exceptional throughputand wide coverage.
  • Full Dual-band AC, with dual radio.
  • Save time and money by installing less devices on the job to get the same coverage
  • Save time and money by completely cloud manage your installation through the controller
  • Intuitive interface, with wizard support.

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